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Raw materials/Variety/Race

The Sahti TSG is a beer produced by using barley malt, other cereals such as rye, barley, wheat, oat, hops and baking or brewer's yeast.

Method of working/Cultivation/Breeding

Water is added to the mix consisting of barley malt and cereals and temperature is kept around 40°C. After the mixing phase, it is again heated up to 100°C, or to the boiling point, for a variable period. The wort obtained in this way is filtered in a tub or tank where the hops and yeast are added, starting the fermentation, which lasts for three days at room temperature. The beer obtained is preserved in a cool place for at least one week to proceed afterwards with the bottling.

Aspect and Taste

Sahti TSG is a strong beer, slightly cloudy because it is not filtered. Its percentage of alcohol by volume varies from 6% to 12%. Its colour varies from yellow to dark brown according to the raw material used; it has a slightly sweet taste.

Production Zone

The tradition territory of Sahti TSG originally was the Southern Finland and Lapland. Then the product spread in the remaining region of Finland.


The history of the Sahti TSG is closely tied to the traditional preparation of this beer, which has been transmitted from generation to generation for many years. The first written reference dates back to 1792 and refers to the traditional character and the geographical spread of Sahti TSG. This beer has been and, still today, is the beverage which characterizes festive moments, besides, it is considered an integral part of the rural culture in several regions of Finland.


Sahti TSG must be kept in a cool place protected from the light and sources of heat. Sahti TSG must be consumed cold. It is generally consumed as a beverage or in combination with other Finnish dishes.


The product is sold as Sahti TSG. It is marketed packed in glass bottles.

Distinctive features

Sahti TSG is a unique and clearly identifiable beer. It has distinguishing unique properties regarding the production method above all, which does not require the beer to be pasteurized, nor filtered, and allows for the beer to be fermented without interruption. Besides, to produce the mixture, only traditional raw materials are used without any additives. Sahti TSG is one of the last original beers of Western Europe.

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