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Arroz del Delta del Ebro (Arròs del Delta de l'Ebre)

Raw materials/Variety/Race

The Arroz del Delta del Ebro PDO is a white rice from Oryza sativa L. species in the Bahía, Tebre and Sénia varieties, mostly cultivated in the Fonsa, Bomba and Montsianell varieties, all part of the Extra product class.

Method of working/Cultivation/Breeding

Seeding takes place between April and May in fields immersed into 5-10 cm of water. The germination takes place after 15-20 days and in June fertilizers are added to complete the germination between the middle of June and the middle of July, maintaining a water level of 15-20 cm. Harvesting operations start in September, after a further reduction of the water level and, generally end in October. After having reduced the humidity to 14-15% thanks to the use of driers, the grains are stored in silos. Later husk and glume are eliminated from the rice, thanks to the help of hydrometric tables and rotating millstones, and the husked rice, meaning wholemeal, is obtained, and it is subject to whitening and selection process and then packed.

Aspect and Taste

The Arroz del Delta del Ebro PDO, called pearly due to the high concentration of starch in its centre, has a healthy look, a damp content lower than 15% and it is fully free from residuals.

Production Zone

The production area of the Arroz del Delta del Ebro PDO covers the principal region of Delta del Ebro, in the regions of Baix Ebre and Montsià, in the districts of Tarragona in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia.


The Arroz del Delta del Ebro PDO originates from the Asian south-eastern area and arrived in Spain around the 13th century, during the Muslim domination. The Spanish word Arroz just derives from the Arabian name al-ruzz.


The Arroz del Delta del Ebro PDO must be stored in fresh and dry rooms. The characteristics of water absorption, separation and uniformity of cooking of the grains, generally 16 minutes, make Arroz del Delta del Ebro PDO ideal to prepare the risotto. This excellent quality rice is ideal to prepare all varieties of dishes. It is perfect with rosé wines, sparkling wine and also with young red wines.


The product is sold only as Arroz del Delta del Ebro PDO and classified in the Extra class. The rice is packed in suitable and authorized packs through a mechanized process, with automatic seal and labels which guarantee its quality.

Distinctive features

The maritime Mediterranean climate, the alluvial lands, with a 60% of elevation lower than a metre and, above all, the irrigation water extracted by the Ebro River give to Arroz del Delta del Ebro PDO the quality which makes it unique.

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