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Pizza Napoletana

Raw materials/Variety/Race

The Pizza Napoletana TSG is a backed and stuffed product. The paste consists of soft wheat flour 00 - to which the type 0 may be added - brewer's yeast, natural water and salt; the basic stuffing ingredients are peeled tomatoes a/o raw tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and salt. Stuffing may be completed with Mozzarella TSG or Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO and basil (ingredients of Pizza Margherita); or with oregano and garlic (ingredients of Pizza Marinara).

Method of working/Cultivation/Breeding

The processing of Pizza Napoletana TSG is subdivided into more phases which have to take place in a continuous cycle: dough, rising, moulding, stuffing and backing. The dough is obtained working in a mixer 10% of total flour with a litre of water, 50-55 gr of salt and 3 gr of yeast, which previously was diluted for almost 10 minutes. Then the remaining flour is added and the mix is worked slowly for 20 minutes until obtaining a soft, elastic and non-sticky consistency. Later the double rising phase takes place: in the first, the mix, which was just removed from mixer, rests wrapped in a wet cloth on a table for about two hours. In the second phase, the mix is hand-worked and subdivided into blocks with a weight between 180 and 250 gr each, which have to rise for additional 4-6 hours in food cases. After rising, moulding takes place: the block is worked by hand and turned from the centre outwards until obtaining the discoid shape of Pizza Napoletana TSG, which is characterised by a thinner centre and a thicker border, called cornicione. Stuffing is made using the ingredients of the recipes to prepare Pizza Marinara or Margherita. Backing takes place exclusively in wood-fired ovens at a temperature of 485°C for at least 60-90 seconds, putting the pizza in oven with a quick gesture by means of an appropriate shovel.

Aspect and Taste

Pizza Napoletana TSG has a round shape with a diameter lower than 35 cm, and the centre is 0.4 cm thick, whilst the external border measures about 1-2 cm. It is fragrant and scented, soft and easy to fold up, with a characteristic flavour due to the combination of the dough with stuffing.

Production Zone

The traditional production land of Pizza Napoletana TSG is in the city of Naples, but over time its use has spread in the rest of Italy, and then it has become famous and appreciated also out of national borders.


The origin of Pizza Napoletana TSG goes back to the beginning of the 18th century, between 1715 and 1725, as confirmed by different historic documents and scripts from the epoch. In the same period the pizzerias started to establish. At that time known as the "shops of maccaronaro", where it was possible to eat the local maccheroni with tomato sauce and the tasteful pizza. It seems that even the king of Naples, Ferdinand of Bourbon, had chosen to visit these shops, even though infringing the duties of etiquette, to taste this popular recipe. Over time, Pizza Napoletana has become famous at both a national and an international level, and now it is one of the most well-known dishes in the world. In 1984, many Neapolitan pizzaioli (pizza makers) wrote, singed and officially registered some specifications to protect the original recipe.


Pizza Napoletana TSG is ideal when tasted hot, just after baking, and cannot be stored for a long time without losing its characteristic fragrance and softness. It is perfect combined with a light beer.


The product is sold as Pizza Napoletana TSG. It is not allowed to quick frieze or vacuum pack the product, whether not consumed in the production place.

Distinctive features

Pizza Napoletana TSG owes its unmistakable fragrance and softness to the backing method in a wood-fired oven, to the double rising of dough and to the later manual mixing of the paste which enables the formation of the necessary holes to shape the cornicione.

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